"Mad Gun" - 16 mad monsters from the seventies



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE61
"Until punk tore up all the common place in 1976, it was so hard to find anything that was at least a little bit interesting in the early 70s. But... there were some crazy records out there people seem to have forgotten or ignored. Here are those mad mad monster platters of those dark years..."

1. number one - power
(DiscAZ SG503 from 1974)
Space rock from France with a super groovy organ for galactic psychedelic parties alone.
9. pantherman - pantherman
(Polydor 2050 242 from 1973)
On the B-side of “You are my friend” you’ll find this great psychedelic rock tune: freaky organ sounds, fast psyched out guitar riffs: “I am your pantherman, I show you my claws whhhhoooaarrrghhh!!”
2. after dark - cozy powell
(Rak 5C006-95491 from 1974)
He had several solo singles (on Chrysalis and Rak), but he’s best remembered for his cooperations with people such as Keith Emerson, Jeff Beck and others because of his drumming qualities. He was the seventies version of Sandy Nelson but never got the same credits
10. the man in black - cozy powell
(Rak 5C006-95491 from 1974)
The flipside of “After dark” which I’ve put also on this volume. It’s a little bit slower, but this instrumental also contains the obligatory drum solo break.
3. eight days and wake up - david explosion
(Sugar Plum 71-17001
Aka F.R.David!!! The man who had that terrible early 80s chart topper “Words (don’t come easy”. In the late 60s he had some fantastic recordings sung in French. This early 70s tune however is full of fuzz guitar, swirling organ and good dancefloor vibe.
11. fifi - david explosion
(Sugar Plum 71-17001
And again F.R. David with the poppy A-side of “Eight days and wake up”, but with a rather psychedelic ending. I assume this was a 1971 release.
4. poor moon - canned heat
(Liberty C006-90522 from 1969)
Hey, what’s this band doing here!!! Besides the fact that bass player Larry Taylor suggested to The Cramps to play Green Door (on their second album Psychedelic Jungle) it’s also the band that can be linked to the 1961 recording of an instrumental called LSD-25, namely The Gamblers. “Poor moon” is a typical Canned Heat song, but it’s got this crazy psychedelic drive and I haven’t seen it compiled yet.
12. low down - canned heat 
(Liberty C006-90089 from 1969)
Here is Canned Heat again; this time with a more typical bluesy recording. As B-side of “Time was” this song has remained quite unknown all the time. For me this is one of their best: it’s very fast with frantic guitar attacks. Too psychedelic for blues fans and too bluesy for acidheads.
5. space police - the savers
(DiscAZ SG644
This must be from 1976: space disco meets moog jerk. It’s the b-side of Help Me. No further news on the band here.
13. drives you mad - the gun
(CBS 4052 from 1969)
Then this one is more for the acid smoking psychedelic rockers. “Race with the devil” was their ticket to heaven, but this is their return ticket to hell. It’s The Gun at their wildest!
6. hold on to me - bronx cheer
(Pye  45PY4045 from 1972)
Teenieboppin’ glam rock from the year that gave us Ziggy Stardust. As far as I know, this was their sole effort.
14. she’s got the power - neil christian
(Satril  SM20 from 1974)
Who could imagine Neil Christian sing a power pop glam tune. I only knew him from this mid-60s recordings. A big surprise. I believe there was one more release in 1976.
7. baby - el tigre
(Sinus Music BE120-3087
This sounds like 1975. A ‘Love Boat’ combo plays a mix of Caribbean funky salsa and latin. Only for tropical nights!
15. doctor music - the peppers
(Sirocco 48015 from 1975)
Time for some funky moog sounds mixed with disco backing vocals and horns. Don’t let this fool ya: this can really work on the dancefloor! It’s on the same label that brought us “Ok Chicago”
8. alice - j.bastos
(Pink Elephant PE22.631-H
He recorded some incredibly stupid songs, but this ode to ‘Alice’ must be the best he ever did. Typical early 70s Pink Elephant psych pop with fuzz guitars and heavy rhythms mixed with Shocking Blue like arrangements.
16. nefertiti pt2 - the sands
(Vogue 45X12149 from 1975)
I always choose part 2; don’t ask me why. I don’t really get the ancient Egyptian reference, but does it really matter? These 16 songs would make a great soundtrack for a movie about a mad gun possessed by the devil in the hands of Linda Blair.