"La vague" - 16 French choices for a surprise party



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE58
"Avec Jenny, Francine, Arlette, Diana, Ariane comme les autres filles dans les bains de mousse elle t'aime parce que tu as le droit d'aimer des chansons ye-ye sauvages. Seize morceaux pour seize ans, mais c'est fabuleux, quoi!!!"

One Number One LOU101 1.  demain j’ai mes seize ans – diana
This is what I recall as being ye-ye: early 60s French version of the twist with female vocals. “Tomorrow I’ll be sixteen” is a typical example of this popular genre.
9.  oh oh fait le clown – frank alamo
”Ha ha Said the clown” in French??? Wow, and it’s even better than the lame Manfred Mann’s recording. It’s one of Frank Alamo’s best EP’s. On vol 47 you can get more info on this French singer.
Riviera 231296
Polydor 27277 2.  bains de mousse – claude lombard
A suave bossa tune by this unknown girl. I bought this 45 only for the sleeve. Just imagine sitting in a hot bathtub filled with foam together with this long legged blonde holding a bar of soap.
10. le temps de l’amour – josé salcy & ses jam’s
I just love this '62 version of “Le temps de l’amour”. The rest of the EP is of weaker quality. Actually, I love every version of this song. Around 2000 a demented band from Brooklyn New York called Les Sansculottes recorded an utterly fantastic version. (I can recommend every album of Les Sansculottes). Aah, Françoise Hardy, où êtes-vous?
Vogue EPL7966
Vogue V45.1678 3.  comme les autres filles – arlette zola
Arlette Zola is better known than the two previous chanteuses. As it is 1969 the tempo has slowed down while in 1966 you could listen to her ye ye beat songs like “Mathematiques modernes”.
11. purée de pommes de terre – henri salvador
Again a bizarre translation: “Mashed potatoes” in the hands of Monsieur Rigolo? “Purée de pommes de terre” is one of the finest (and funniest !) twistin’ beat songs from the mid-sixties.
Salvador 432828
Columbia 2C016-10058 4.  la vague – patricia
This is the French translation of Fleetwood Mac’s ”Albatross”. This EP also contains another translation : ”I started a joke” of the Beegees, retitled “Je voulais en rire”. As an albatross spends 90% of its time above sea, it’s not that strange to see that this version is called “The wave”.
12. passe ton chemin – alain thierry
Another B-side that transcends the boredom that’s so often to be found on French 45s.
Decca VAR15
Palette PB40.175 5.  viens tout près de moi – ariane & les 10-20
And now back to the early 60s and the crazy ye ye days. This '64 B-side of  “Comme des fous” may not be Ariane’s very best effort, but still it’s very good. And also: most of the other 45s already appeared on compilations, like on vol 23 and 63
. In English it’s “Come very close to me”.
13. elle t’aime – jacky moulière
Henri Salvador (who is still singing today at the age of 80+) had two own record labels : Rigolo and Salvador. Always worth checking out and certainly this fantastic EP by the rather unknown Jacky Moulière. This is the ultimate French version of The Beatles’ “She loves you”.
Salvador 434853BE
Vogue V45-1647 6.  francine – les newstars
As the backing band of Jean-François Michael who’s featured on the flipside with “Adieu jolie candy”, Les Newstars knew a little bit of success in 1969. This organ driven instrumental sounds like being composed for a movie score never made.
14. j’ai le droit de t’aimer – danyel gerard
Danyel Gerard had a very long recording career and as so many other French singers did, he recorded plenty of French translations of English and American hit songs.This time it’s up to you to discover the original (English) beat song. Have fun! (A little clue: the title means “I have the right to love you”)
DiscAZ EP961
Rigolo RI18726 7.  jenny jenny – baris manço
Indeed, this is the French version of the rock ‘n’ roll classic. Released on Henri Salvador’s label Rigolo this EP features four great songs. Just listen to the other ones on vol 47. This is splendid French rock ‘n’ roll à la Johnny Hallyday and Dick Rivers.
15. au premier tunnel – frank alamo
And to prove that this EP (see above) is one of his best, just listen and enjoy this Monkees’ translation. Okay, the original is “A little bit you, a little bit me”.
Riviera 231296
One Number One LOU101 8.  ne siffle plus – diana
”Don’t whistle” under my window is what Diana is singing. And a lot of wolf calls later she’s still hearing dozens of admirers. Too bad that I can’t show the sleeve…
16. le martien – henri salvador
One of my all time favourite novelty tunes from the late 50s is The Randells’ “Martian hop”. On vol 24
I already showed you a French instrumental version by Les Champions, but this one is even more hilarious than the original. And if you understand French, you’ll love the silly lyrics. Henri Salvador was an outerspace genius.
Salvador 432999BE