"Colosseo di follia" - 16 crazy Italian ragazzi e ragazze



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE55
"The swinging sixties only in London? Forget it! While the English were dressed in Italian clothes and wearing Italian shoes, the Italians played English and American songs the way only they can: with a touch of velvet. The translations here are amongst the best you'll ever find..."

Ariston AR0136 1.  datemi una lacrima per piangere – i corvi
Falsetto garage beat from Italy mixed with deranged fuzz guitars on the lesser known label of Ariston. I’m told they had some other terrific recordings, but none of them can match their version of ‘I ain’t no miracle worker”… in Italian!
9.  un ragazzo di strada – i corvi
And here it is: the best Italian version of  “I ain’t no miracle worker”. I know three versions, but this is the best. Just listen and enjoy (or dance).
Ariston AR0136
City C6190 2.  crudele – i bisonti
Bruno Castiglia e I Bisonti is the full name on the sleeve, but generally known as I Bisonti they released this B-side on the City label. They were a brilliant psych garage band. Sometimes they remind me of the Electric Prunes.
10.  33/1a verità – i roll’s 33
I found this one on a split-45 promo record  with I Camaleonti’s. It’s an Italian version of “You ain’t seen nothing yet”: I know absolutely nothing by this band, so I can’t really recommend anything, Listening to this '67 release, I’m sure they recorded a lot of great tunes.
Vogue 35140x45 3.  un caso di follia - antoine
Antoine had several Italian releases, but this '67 recording is my favourite one. “Un caso di follia” is a translation of his “Un elephant me regarde”. His original French version is on Vol 41. Also the a-side is a translation: “Canella”, his Italian version of “Je l’apelle canelle”. For lovers of folkish psychedelic beat.
11.  prendi, prendi – gianni morandi
”Bend me shape me” so many times covered and translated. Claude François did it in Italian and it reappeared on the great “Stasera shake” compilation. But this version is a 1000 times better. And it was just a b-side. Oh, some more info: I can get mad that on radio shows The American Breed are called the original performers. Hell no, the Models did it first and that version is still the best and the most psychedelic one I’ve ever heard.
RCA Italiana PM3471
Durium 7713 4.  mocoto – charles hilton brown
I’ve never heard of him. Charles Hilton Brown has gathered a few girls for backing vocals and ace musicians who really get the groove. Again a b-side? Yes, “Mama Rosa” was the “hit”-side from 1971, but it isn’t interesting. Go for “Mocoto” and dance dance dance.
12.  la follia – i ribelli
It never stops: again an Italian translation of a major hit single put on the B-side: “Friday on my mind”. Bellissimo!!!
Ricordi SRL10-451
Durium CNA9248 5.  e lasciatemi stare – rocky roberts & the airedales
It’s from a radio show called “Gran varietà”. The sleeve reads “Lasciami stare”, but on the 45 you can read the correct title. The B-side will appear on vol 59. These Italian Americans were quite popular in Southern Europe but never managed to gain any popularity in the States.
13.  muchela dracula – spero e I crazy rock boys
I just love monster horror novelty songs, in any language. This sounds early 60s to me. Who was Spero? Don’t have a clue. Great novelty rock ‘n’ roll like Screamin’ Lord Sutch. Play this at your Halloween parties.
Phonocolor MS165
Durium CNA9237 6.  stasera mi butto – rocky rberts & the airedales
On vol 57 you’ll find the b-side “Just because of you”. This one’s from an Italian television show “Sabato sera”. And it’s the same recipe: powerful soul, discotheque stuff.
14.  dracula cha cha – orchestra bruno martino
And then play this Halloween tune. The bells toll and monsters wake up and you won’t sleep… This cha-cha-cha novelty song has been featured in the movie “Tempi duri per I vampiri” (or “Hard times for the vampires”)  Noticed the name of the label? It’s the Italian His Master’s Voice!
La Voce Del Padrone 7MQ1271
RCA Italiana PM45 3360 7.  il geghege’ – rita pavone
Also from a television show on the national broadcast, so she was kind of popular. Nevertheless she recorded some boss tunes, like this fast beat tune. Imagine running around the Colosseum twice on a hot summer day and then start playing guitar and drums, still shaking while dancing around the tourists. You’ll be glad that it’s over after 2 minutes but everybody will be having a goooood time.
15.  questo folle sentimento – formula 3
On the b-side you’ll find another translation “Avevo una bambola”, an Italian cover of a Joe South song, but it’s the A-side you have to go for: four minutes of Hammond groove garage psych from '69.
Numero Uno ZN50001
Cetra SP1427 8.  allora mi ricordo – new trolls
This b-side of “Annalisa” sounds like 1968; it’s heavy psych garage with breaks, guitar freak-outs, super heavy organ treats and frantic vocals by one of Italy’s best 60s bands.
16.  me ne andro’ – nino ferrer
To round up this volume I’ve picked another big name from France : Nino Ferrer who has recorded lots of Italian 45s. This B-side of “E’ colpa tua” is rather unknown, and yet still very recognizable thanks to his typical voice.
Riviera RIV504