"Shake your mini" - 16 funky miniskirt monsters


In The Trash Can Records                GARBAGE51
"Girls, shake your miniskirt and move your feet on the dancefloor for these 16 soul beat funky floorfillers. And guys, don't bend over too far to get a closer look..."

(United Artists 2C006-90612 from 1969) 1.  broad street – the electric indian

Produced by Len Barry, this B-side of “Keem-o-sabe” which you can find on vol 52, is a cool groovy instrumental tune. Later some of their members were to be found in MFSB and the rest is history. They also released an album on United Artists (which features songs like “Spinning wheel” and “I heard it through the grapevine”) and another 45 in 1969 on Marmaduke.
9.  do it – billy sha-rae

Ashford (of Ashford & Simpson fame) wrote this song while Bobby Womack wrote the B-side “I found the one”. Lots of 45s were released on labels such Bay-Uke, Laurie, Spectrum and Hour Glass between 1961 and 1971. Later this song was also issued as by Bobby Hebb & Billy Sha-Rae in 1978 on Laurie (with “Sunny ‘76”).

(Arsa AR007 from 196.)

(Beacon 3-106 from 1968) 2.  shake your mini – show stoppers

Super psychedelic soul tune with a fast steady beat and a great song title. The b-side “Heartbreaker” is also on this volume.
10.  heartbreaker – show stoppers

Beacon was a great label (I love their Una Valli releases!) and this “Heartbreaker” is another fantastic soul stomper. Other 45s on Columbia, Heritage, Showtime and Amber.

(Beacon 3-106 from 1968)

Warner Bros WV5088 3.  african twist pt2 – lonnie youngblood

Part1 is on vol 49. So check that volume for more details. But be sure: this part is even wilder, groovier and sexier!!! Great fast soul instrumental.
11.  mickey’s monkey – billy wade

Soul classic “Mickey’s monkey” in the hands of Billy Wade who released “Tear it up” with The Third Degrees in 1967. I don’t know the year of this recording, but I really hope that he recorded more than only these three songs.

(Box 345 from 1967?)

(Atlantic BE650196 from 1970) 4.  I’m a good woman – cold blood

This is a northern soul classic, but not this version which I prefer above any other version. It’s wilder and at parties nobody seems to know it. Forget the b-side “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free” and enjoy this heavier version by this wild soul sister. In the US this was released on the San Francisco label. At least 7 albums followed. There’s also a Grateful Dead connection.
12.  folsom prison blues – jimmy snyder

A country-rock version of the Johnny Cash song à la CCR. It’s better than I first thought and much better than the b-side “Almost dawn at Denver”. He recorded more 45s for Wayside and E.I.O.

(Bellaphon BF18227 from 1973)

(Cardinal C.3205 from 1969) 5.  I’m not your brother’s keeper – the flaming ember

Originally released on Hot Wax by a band formerly known as The Flaming Embers with records on  Fortune. I don’t know how this could be released on a Belgian label. It sounds like a typical Temptations Motown song. B/w “Deserted village” 
13.  jerk and twine – jackie ross

Starting in 1962 this Saint-Louis soul lady released a lot of 45s on various labels such as Sar, Scepter, Fountain, Brunswick and several more up until 1976.

(Chess AR45.151 from 1964)

(CBS 3865 from 1968) 6.   do your thing – the chambers brothers

Another big name here: Joe, Lester, George and Willie: 4 brothers from Mississippi who formed the band in Los Angeles with a white drummer Brian Keenan who joined in 1965. This B-side of the hit “I can’t turn you loose” was also on their second album “A new time, a new day”, but so far I failed to find it on compilation.
14.  ramblin’ gamblin’ man – bob seger

Well-known Michigan born singer-songwriter was 23 years old when recording this great soulful stomper. It’s also the title of his first album from 1969 by the Bob Seger System. The b-side is “Tales of lucy blue”. This must have been reissued, but so far I failed finding a comp featuring this one, for me his best one!

(Capitol CLF2297 from 1968)

(Apple 2C006-93568 from 1972) 7.  we’re on our way – chris hodge

Fast (slightly Indian) flavoured popsike tune that should have been recorded 4 years earlier to become a smash hit. The b-side is on vol 50. He recorded three more 45s but never achieved any recognition.
15.  summer in hawai – the mec-op singers

First of seven 45s. Also on an EP, this is a Beach Boy soundalike Hawaii tune from Belgium! It’s only to be found as a B-side of “Dies Irae” which has been reissued several times. The Dutch release of “Dies Irae” has a different B-side.

(Hebra 365 from 1966)

(Atco BE103181 from 1969) 8.  oh when I was a boy – r. b. greaves

Everybody knows the a-side “Always something there to remind me”, but this is also an excellent soulful tune. R.B. stands for Ronald Bertram. He was half half Indian and was Sam Cooke’s nephew, so you know he’s got the right genes. It was also issued on his 1970 eponymous album.
16.  everybody knows a place – sir henry & his butlers

This is an Italian release as a b-side of Cosmorama. Known for 1968 hit “Camp”. Originally a UK band, but they relocated to Sweden first and then Denmark. In 1970 Columbia released their third and last 45.

(Columbia DD811 from 1968)