"Teasin' " - 16 teasin' tracks to try out



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE46
"Soul, blue beat, instro grooviness, whatever sound that can tease you... More like this you can find on vol 6,vol 17, vol 29, vol 32, vol 34, vol 35 and vol 40..."

Decca F11590 1. go - sounds incorporated

Third Booth had a song called “Sounds Incorporated”, but I don’t know if there should be a link between those two bands. This instrumental was written for the '63 film “Just for fun”. Other bands on the score of this Gordon Flemyng movie included The Tremeloes, Freddie Cannon, The Crickets and Bobby Vee.
9. aunt dora's love soul shack - arthur conley
”Sweet soul music” will always be his trademark, but Atlanta born soul singer Conley recorded plenty of splendid soul tunes. He was discovered by Otis Redding when he toured as Arthur & The Corvets. This one was released in 1968.
Atco ATCO76 / in US: Atco 6622
CBS 3333 2. horse's collar - the peddlers

Another instrumental here by The Peddlers, a highly underestimated trio from Manchester, from 1968. This B-side of  “Handel with care” is one of the twenty-some 45s and they also released at least eight albums. They mix club-jazz and r&b with beatnik influences.
10.  come on and love me - tom & jerrio

The A-side “Great goo-ga-moo-ga” has been compiled several times before including one using that same title. Here are the boogaloo brothers at their softer side. A nice falsetto soul ballad from 1965.
ABC-Paramount 45-10704
Dade 45-2016 3. the goat - freddy & the kinfolk

And again a '68 instrumental about an animal, this time a goat and you can hear it at least 10 times during those two minutes of funky Hammond grooviness. And if you have the change, just listen to “Blabbermouth”, its flipside.
11. can't get through to you - the honeycombs

The A-side is the not so spectacular  hit single “That’s the way”, but when I flipped the record, my mind was blown to bits. It’s one of the fastest songs from the mid-60s! However, The Honeycombs from London will only be remembered for their “Have I the right” chart topper.
Pye 7N15890
MCA MCA-60014 4. bullseye - len barry

A song about darts?! Originally on Decca 31827. I can’t imagine that this wasn’t on a comp before, but so far nobody could show me one. Philadelphia born Leonard Borisoff was in The Dovells prior to his solo career as Len Barry. From 1965.
12. kiss me baby - the picknicks

This is Belgian beat. Forget the A-side and enjoy the powerful beat of  “Kiss me baby”! Watch out because their previous release was “I’m alone”, a sleepy ballad (that sold more than 100 000  copies here in Belgium) b/w “I’m running’, and a later release was “I’m so alone” b/w “I’m in love”.  And what’s more special about this Antwerp band? The band was nothing but the 4 Van Laere brothers together starting in 1960 with “Guitar boogie rock”.
Ring RR805
Dynamo D-125 5. one eye open - the maskman & the agents

The A-side was already on vol 40 but this b-side is my favourite track. Uptempo soul by most likely a black band that released 45s on Gama and Dynamo in 1968 and 1969 and also one album.
13. nobody will ever help you - the klan

(b-side= alone in the night) Maybe the best known Belgian freakbeat/popsike band from Brussels. This is their second 45 from 1967 and as good as the first one “Already mine” which I put on vol 3. Later they split and one half resurrected as The Klan 2.
Palette PB25647
Atlantic 10.524 6. teasin' - king curtis

Although recorded in 1970 my 45 was released in 1974 b/w “Memphis Soul stew”. For me this is the best instrumental track by Curtis Ousley. Who? Yep, that’s the sax man, born in 1934 in Texas and killed in 1971 in New York City
14. hold on i'm comin' - billly larkin

Super groovy Hammond instrumental version from '66 of that all time soul classic. It’s the B-side of “Dirty water” which I already put on vol 45.
World Pacific WP-77844
Columbia DB7239 7. detroit - sounds incorporated

It’s the b-side of “The Spartans” and it’s a terrific instrumental from '64, fast and furious, r&b at its best.
15. blue beat - dinah lee

A blue beat song called “Blue beat”; why not. I don’t have any information on this young lady, sorry.  “Don’t talk about love” is the flip. This is a killer dance floor tune!
Interphon IN-7708
Hi 45-2075 8. secret home - willie mitchell

It’s the B-side of “20-75”. Hi Recording Co was a Memphis, Tennessee based label multi -instrumentalist (mostly keyboard and trumpet) Willie Mitchell recorded several 45s for. And that was easy as he was the president! And as you might have guessed: this is also an instrumental and an excellent one if you like dancing. From '64.
16. stop - sounds incorporated

It’s the B-side of the first track on this volume “Go”. Not so fast as that one, but equally groovy. Perfect to end this volume and to allow you to stop dancing and to have a well shaken not stirred cocktail in your beige & burgundy decorated living room.
Decca F11590