"Guy with the voodoo" - 16 weird novelties from the voodoo cookbook



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"the voodoo cookbook with mummies, spiders, robots, devils, and everything else that is taboo to modern society..."

Decca 9-28924 1. the guy with the voodoo! - fletcher peck trio

Fletcher at the piano and all three of them singing. This is early 50s stuff, but in real 40s style. Great witty lyrics!  “I’m a fool for beans” is the title of the flip.
9. the lonely jet pilot - the spacemen

The best side of this 45 is this one. It’s got an eerie sound produced by a harmonica player who thought he was breaking the sound barrier in his jet. The guitar solo and the piano at the back are the other players in this weird '59 recording.
Alton A254
Metromedia BMB0-0089 2. me and my mummy - bobby "boris" pickett

The  b-side is “It’s not the same without you”, a duet with Joan Payne, but this is a super silly horror doowop ballad by Mister Monster Mash himself.
10. the superbad's theme - mr. superbad & the mighty super power band

The A-side is “Mr Superbad”, the vocal side. It’s seventies boogaloo by a band I’ve never heard of before. And it could’ve been ripped of a third rate detective movie. Released in 1975.
Supreme S5008
Tabou ART500 3. robot man - jamie horton

She’s got a lovely voice, like a young Wanda Jackson and it was covered by Connie Francis.  The original label was Joy and both '60 releases have got  “We’re through wh’re finished” as flipside.
11. spasms - little willie john

Here’s mister sex himself; his original version of Fever is one of the sexiest songs ever! Too bad that this utterly cool song wasn’t a hit in 1958; maybe it was too hot for American radio stations. Maybe that’s why the record company decided to release it as a b-side.  “Mmmmmmhhh, you’re giving me spasms, baby!”
Parlophone 45R-4432
Southern Sound BT100 4. devil made me say that - danny james

A Louisiana based label and that southern influence is present on this '72 release, just like on the A-side “Your gravy train”.  Groovy backing band also. Danny’s not really singing but who cares.
12. christ is born – black nativity

Other tracks on this Ep are “Rise up Sheppard and follow”, “Sweet little Jesus boy” and “My way’s cloudy”. Haha, even Christian rock gets its place on my gooooood taste compilations. Just imagine you’re in church on Christmas Eve and while everyone is dancing and singing along you’re trying not to stand up and join the party.
Stateside HSE2003 / in US: Vee Jay
Jewel J842 5. spider in my stew - buster benton

Blues in 1974? Yes, that’s possible; just listen to this horror tune by Buster Benton who has been listening very carefully to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “Alligator wine”.
13. dance with your parno – Hamilton bohannon

First I thought the title was “Dance with your pornO”. I was wrong (been watching too many movies maybe?) This '75 flip of “Foot stompin’ music” never got the airplay it deserved.
Brunswick 640043
Gene Norman Presents V45-487 6. ticklish mambo - rene touzet

(a-side= “Besame mucho) Do you like being tickled? The girl in the intro does! Rene Touzet’s combo were experts in uptempo mambo style performances. And this is one of his most enjoyable. My guess is that it’s been recorded around 1960.
14. last night - les barons

Yes, this is the Mar-Keys chart topper by a probably French band. I think this '63 version is better than the original.
Cid 545.502
Epic 5-9567 7. sun arise - rolf harris

Harris wrote this song in 1963. I must have heard it(not in 1963 of course!) because when it reappeared during the intro of Alien Sex Fiends’ “Ignore the machine” in the early 80s, I knew there was a song like that. 40 years after its first release in 1963 I found it! It’s the b-side of “Someone’s pinched my winkles”.
15. dinner with drac - lee kristofferson

The B-side is “Night of the werewolf” which can be found on another great compilation filled with horror novelty tunes. So why wasn’t this great cover version selected for that compilation as well? It’s fantastic! Just listen to the guitar licks and Lee’s dark voice. Ok, I agree; it can never equal the mayhem of Zacherley’s recording or the amazing Fuzztones reprise from the mid-90s.
Thrust RUFF1
Alton A254 8. the clouds - the spacemen

1959 was thee year for instrumental releases. In that same year The Spacemen also released 45s for Felsted and Jubilee and later also for Jameco and Markey. In the mid-60s they recorded a few albums for Roulette.
16. tabou - panchito conchez

“Tabou”, one of the best exotic compositions ever! Here it is as the flip to “La cucaracha”. This version has got a different sound and is not just a copy of the Arthur Lyman recording. I’ve got no idea when this was released. Turn out the lights and lay back in your hammock while sipping a blue zombie cocktail. And this invitation to paradise is the perfect appetizer for the next volume “Bongos in pastel”.
Musico 132