"Weird-itis" - 16 uncommon underachieving 60s sounds


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE35
"If you're ill and lying in your tiki couch, don't listen to these 45s recorded in the 60s and the 70s. You won't feel better and believe me you can miss these proofs of bad taste. However if you wanna get sick, I highly recommend this volume and I think you're gonna buy a blue skai chair..."

Lizard 45-1009 1. baby rice - paul humphrey & his cool aid chemists

This 1970 funky instro wailer starts with a deep deep bass guitar waiting for the organ and guitar and then a second psychedelic organ joins; to make it complete a fuzz guitar takes over.
9. nefta - pop concerto orchestra

Moog extravaganza on this one. This was released shortly after the “Pop concerto” 45, earlier on this volume. On vol. 38 you’ll get another one. Still it’s hard to find any info on bands like this.
DiscAZ 10.750
2. pop concerto - pop concerto orchestra
(DiscAZ 10.731 )
Yadabadabadabadaaaa!  That’s the only word you’ll hear. It’s early 70s by a band heavily influenced by the song Popcorn and bands such as Anarchic System.
10. le chat - devil sauce

”Touchez le chat de la voisine” or “Touch the pussy of my neighbour”. Naughty naughty moog-synth samba pop from '76 France. The sleeve is fabulous, isn’t it?
Carrere 49.176
Convoy 516 3. rivers invitation - leon haywood

Big name (although born as Leon Hayward), but not a well known recording, not like, say, “Soul cargo”: you get everything you always can expect from Haywood: virtuoso Hammond grooves, horns and wild drumming. This is the one and only Convoy recording I know.
11. wow - andre gagnon

And from that same year you’ll get a man who was known for his disco releases. However, he did some respectful things as well hence his inclusion on this volume. A bongo starts and then a thumping bass is added followed by a set of wah wah guitar licks. When the electric piano and the synths join, the party can start.
Kébec KD4004
Dureco Benelux 4138 4. viva tirado - the duke of burlington

Bongos, organs, bass and more organs; what else do you need from the enigmatic Duke Of Burlington. Dreamy acid jazz from 1970. I’ve got three “Flash” 45s, all with different flipsides and I highly recommend them all. I’ve seen this song being covered by various bands, but this still remains the best version.
12. whitsand bay - mike wallace & the caretakers

Fuzz guitars and Mike Wallace? Yes it’s a perfect match. This cool beat song is released on the German Polydor label and is probably from the second part of the 60s.
Polydor 421 055
Prestige PR 45.228 5. groove's groove - richard 'groove' holmes

Mister Groove with his personal groove: cool bachelor pad style Hammond jazz from the magical year of 1966. The sleeve reads “Swinging Organ Sounds” and that says it all.
13. the whip part2 - darnell simpkins & the family tree

An S&M instrumental by a mystery artist (well, I don’t know him). It’s one of the funkiest selections on this volume. An actual whip was used for this recording and after a short break there’s even a genuine torture sequence while the organ goes on and goes on.
Scm SCM2000
King 45-5427 6. earl's dog - earl bostic & bill doggett

Two of my favourite jazz musicians joined together on one 45. A swirling organ dancer with a steamy sax to start that swinging decade. More info about Bill Doggett can be found on vol 9.
14. hully gully fire house - harold nicholas

A French guy? Could be. Anyway, he’s singing in French with an Anglo accent. I first bought it because of the suave sleeve, but this song really has something special.
Barclay 70511
Chess CH25001 7. bo diddley-itis - bo diddley

Almost 4 minutes long with a 50 second intro. Clap your hands and shout along with the most recognizable beat ever invented. The last 50 seconds are in hands of his heavy fuzz guitar.
15. bo-jam - bo diddley

And here’s Mister McDaniel again with another “personal” instro. The heavy organ sounds and the thunderous bass turn this song into something completely un-Diddley. If this was really just a jam by Bo’s backing band, then I’d like to know the name of that band, for this is super stuff! “Husband in law” should be ignored as you might have guessed.
Chess 25004
Barclay 62.946 8. twist time - the twisters

Another typical Belgian twist recording. This should have been compiled on the compilation “Twistin’ time vol 1”, maybe a cool suggestion for a second volume? Not so easy to find with picture sleeve nowadays.
16. (there's always someone sitting in my) blue skai chair - mariacchi fiesta band

From a '68 commercial to promote a new fabric called Skai. Never seen this before, so this is 100% exclusive for you and here I can end this 35th volume with the weirdest stuff from my garbage collection.
Deja PROM-68004