"Orgy" - 16 eargasms later you die of sheer pleasure


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE20
"Whether this music is really suitable for orgies, I leave that to your own imagination, but mix sex, drugs and other exciting addictions together with great yet unknown music and you'll reach a point from where you don't want to come back from..."

(Deltic D001 1. music for orgies sex match - cash-makers orchestra

Probably early seventies this is the first of 4 Music For Orgies songs on this volume. Enjoy and relax...
9. music for orgies broken hearts - cash-makers orchestra
The second 45 of this Music For Orgies series also starts with an Amazonian backbeat and a horny flute that arouses the girl more than expected. After one minute the foreplay has ended and the latin combo is playing again while she's get a sensuous spanking. In the middle of the jungle she comes again and again.
(Deltic D002
(Palette PB 40140 from 1962) 2. relax - the cousins

This song was recorded both in English and in French. This is the English version from 1962. The Cousins (for the US fans: The Continental Cousins) were world famous for their Kili Watch and Kana Kapila exotic instrumentals, but these Belgian guys recorded a lot more that should have gotten more attention. Relax is a one of the few (and best) vocal recordings by Les Cousins as they were first known. On the b-side you'll find "The Robot" a song which reappeared on a compilation called "Strictly instrumental vol 1" on Buffalo Bop.
10. the mummy - bob mcfadden & dor
The other side of "The beat generation" may be a surprise to most of you. For me this is a great inside joke, one I won't explain. But for those who take mammy for mummy, will have a laugh as well. Still, The Mummy is a fantastic horror novelty tune that I should have put on volume 16.
(Brunswick BK-4021
(20th Century Fox EMB S160  from 1962) 3. ain't she pretty - billy duke

As B-side of "Timuctu", the fantastic exotic song which I've put on volume 1, this is another fine recording by Billy Duke from 1962. Can you imagine something more inviting than relaxing with your pretty lover?
11. no no no - les boozers

A French band playing the Human Beinz' "Nobody but me" about a dozen dances you can do on the dancefloor; just imagine what you can do in the bedroom. But always remember: if a girls says no, it's NO NO NO. Big surprise: it was an American band that lived in Brussels for a while in 1966.
(CBS 2420 from 1966)
(Pye 45PV. 15315 4. erotica - man

What's the difference between Rita Moreno's version and this by Man? I really can't tell. This late sixties recording under supervision of the legendary John Schroeder is perfect to spice up your lovely nights when all the spice's gone.
12. the balls - deep throat

An instrumental synthesizer movie tune from the legendary porn movie "Deep Throat" directed by Damiano from 1972. This movie was the start of Aids victim Harry Reems who played in hundreds of porn movies including a few with Traci Lords in the mid-80s.
(Delphine 64017 from 1975)
(Pye 45PV.15315 5. don't just stand there - man

It starts with a shower or rain and then the organ takes over. This Swansea combo from Wales evolved from The Bystanders and developed a major 'progressive' sound throughout the seventies.
13. house of bamboo - bob robertson & metro club orchestra

Again an inside joke: ever been to a club called "Bamboo"? Then you know what I mean. Everyone knows the Andy Williams version but I prefer this one recorded in the early 60s.
(Kraftone K93
(Delphine 64017 from 1975) 6. deep throat - deep throat

Another French release, this time from one of the most controversial 70s movies: "Deep throat" with a young (and not so very pretty) Linda Lovelace who later denied being involved in the explicit sex scenes, haha. In France the movie was released as "Gorge Profonde". The singer loves singing this tune, he's in seventh heaven. The orgasm is more like a space adventure, but hey, it's the 70s.
14. don't bother me no more - mongo santamaria
In case you can't control yourself anymore after all these hot tunes: don't ever forget to listen to your partner and if it's no, it's no. If you still proceed, you'll be asked not to bother anymore. We all know Perez Prado, Tito Puente and hundreds of other latin maestros, but we often forget the man who made Duke Ellington's "Watermelon man" world famous. On the b-side of that song you'll find another hot exotic latin tune "Don't bother me no more" which is one of the best Mongo Santamaria has ever recorded.
(Battle BF-45909
(EMI 4C004-14222 from 1975) 7. tarzoon's march - tarzoon, shame of the jungle

Also a French title of this '75 movie release 45: "Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle". This Belgian sex animation movie by Picha was known all over the world and could have won a lot of prizes if not... The music was written by Teddy Lasry.
15. music for orgies orgiefestival - cash-makers orchestra
Is arousal approval? Sometimes yes. For the last of this Music For Orgies series you get this one: more than 6 minutes of sheer bedroom noises and cheesy synth tunes mixed with jungle bongo beating. Will she ever be satisfied?
(Deltic D002
(Deltic D001 8. music for orgies love together - cash-makers orchestra

This is the b-side of the first song on this volume. Same ingredients but different partners. You really should try making love while listening to these songs. A slow latin beat turns into a slightly faster exotic sound while the girl is getting excited. Half way the song she reaches a first orgasm and the African drum beat takes the lead and accompanies her to the end.
16. pretty girl - armenian jazz sextet
I decided not to end this steamy volume with too much such. This Arabian flavoured vocal song about a pretty girl is far much better as the end of this "Orgy". Listen also the a-side of this song on volume 1: Harem Dance.
(Kapp K-181X