"Island earth" - 16 escape routes to the planet of the apes


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE19
"Enter the arena in the center of the temple built for the voodoo god of the apes and tremble... Tremble and bow before the Lord of the jungle island. Dance and sing and bring glory to those unfortunate souls who dared to release these songs on a 45..."

(BASF 6 19664-4 from 1975) 1. the ape planet - monkey business

Formerly known as The Jokers! At least two of the Jokers formed this funky combo a few years after their hit "Gauchos". When this was recorded in 1975 already a few sequels of "Planet of the apes" had been made. Any song about apes & monkeys are ok, aren't they? The flipside however is better.
9. voodoo ju ju obsession pt1 - the spirit of voodoo

Co-writer is Davy Jones. Which one? Take exotic pounding percussion, Polynesian rhythms and a male choir chanting spells in unknown languages while somebody hollers "voodoo, voodoo, voodoo". This is the 70s. Both parts are about 4 minutes long.
(Pink Elephant PE 22024)
(Dot 9.16.214 from 1961) 2. glow worm - johnny maddox

A '61 piano instrumental that needs but a little imagination for you to see the glow worms fly around your loudspeakers.
10. abracadabra - the westonians

Like Les Chakachas this band play the chachacha as if they were from South America. No no, they hailed from Belgium and recorded "Abracadabra" around 1960 as a b-side for "Costa Brava", also sung in Spanish.
(Riva 408)
(Pathé Marconi 2C06-92.075M) 3. bambu - donato

This sounds like early 70s to me. It's a wild funky instrumental tune perfect for a seedy movie score or a third rate television show. Joao Donato is totally unknown to me. The best song on this 45 however is "The frog" which you can find on volume 34.
11. coney island - woodhouse stompers

This sounds like the dance hall days of the 20s and 30s. Charleston with washboards and old old old gear; even the piano seems to be stolen from an 1850 saloon. Jump and jive and get a life on Coney Island. If Lou Reed could have seen that place in those days... well maybe he did; how old is he?
(Kraftone K82)
(Philips PB.1103 from 1960) 4. miss orangatang - lincoln chase

No chimpansee or gorilla but the orangatang from South East Asia is the subject of this '60 exotic tune by mister Chase. I hope to find more 45s of this singer.
12. te manu pukarua - tamouré

Sun-tanned beach bunnies from Tahiti running half naked around the men banging their drums and singing 4 Tihoti Heva compositions. One other was already put on volume 15.
(Philips 432.859 BE)
(Popular Request 104 from 1961; in US on Verve 10245) 5. imagination - the quotations

This 1961 song was recommended to me by Lux and Ivy in their interview for "Re/Search 14", better known as "Incredibly strange music, part 1": one of the best books about music ever!. "Imagination" is a super great doo-wop song in the vein of "Mama-oom-mow-mow", the most insane Rivingtons song. Let's listen to what Poison Ivy has to say: "The Quotations take this Pin Pan Alley standard and do a nonsens version of it. If you listen to this for the lyrics, you're missing the point!"
13. the ape walk - monkey business

How do you do the ape walk? I don't know and they don't tell. It's an instrumental just like "The ape planet". These ex-Jokers (also known for their instrumentals) had their own recording studio and then they just vanished.
(BASF 06 19664-4 from 1975)
(Cardinal 3072 ; in US on Muriel) 6. lookie there - tommy louis

On volume 13 you already got his "Wail baby wail". This is excellent r&b, mean and nasty and nice to dance to. On this Tommy Louis composition he was accompanied by Marchal & the Versatiles. It was released for the Benelux on Cardinal. Lucky me!
14. crocodile hop - dale thomas

A great rockabilly gem from the late 50s by Iowa rocker Dale Thomas from Forrest City who also released one 45 for Dot (Hello, lonesome) and later in the 60s another three 45s for the Wahoo label. "Let's do the crocodile hop..." and 30 years later you could do the "Alligator stomp". Time has no impact on good taste it seems.
(Sky 45-2638 )
(London 9-5.196 from 1960 ; in US on Harper 100) 7. nicotine - paul chaplain

Paul Chaplain will remain the man who taught me "Shortnin' bread", years before I first heard The Readymen's blistering version or the Cramps' great rendition of that traditional. The other side is another story: killer number one "Nicotine" (even more than AIDS). Marvelous piece of late 50s rock 'n' roll, but released in 1960.
15. funk chunkin' - hargus pig robbins

A piano leading instrumental tune that is far from his better known country music. It's the b-side of "Tequila float" that's on volume 22.
(Chart  CH-5039)
(Start 6924) 8. de laatste sigaret - ricky gordon

Don't get fooled: this starts with a very slow piano intro, but then the whole band joins (with a lot of brass & horns) and the completely forgoten singer from Belgium begins to sing about "The last cigarette" about a guy who's about to die. After a last prayer he smokes his very last one in the presence of the preacher. I'm not sure when this was recorded, 1969?
16. yes i will - three karats

On volume 2 you could already listen to their "It's you". Three Karats are a mystery to me. I can't find any information on these girls. This is super suave sexy soul from the mid-60s and perfect to end this volume. Over to volume 20 "Orgy".
(Delray 204)