"Oh-no" - 16 rhythm 'n' beat busters from around the globe


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From Scandinavia to the Lowlands, from Canada to Britain, all over the world rhythm 'n' blues and beat bands emerged during the 60's. There are hundreds or even thousands of compilation albums and still you can find 45s not compiled before..."

(Sonet T7187) 1. tricky dicky - the hitmakers

A super beat stomper from Sweden, probably recorded around 1965. Sonet still exists and is Scandinavia's most important record label. There's only one cover version of this Leiber-Stoller composition that's even better: the one by The Montesas from France recorded in 2002.
9. clap your hands - memphis slim

Somebody told me this was recorded in1963, but I really can't tell. Memphis Slim has never sounded so unlike him. This is ultra swinging discotheque stuff; the best r&b song he ever sang! It was hidden as a b-side of "Not so stuck on me".
(Fontana 261 506 MF)
(Stateside SS 163 from 1963 ; in US on Lawn) 2. let's stomp - bobby comstock

What a fine organ grinding beat blaster by Bobby Comstock. "Let's stomp" was written in 1963 by the three guys that were behind The Strangeloves (and The Sheep) and later discovered Blondie. Also the b-side "I want to do it" was written by Gottehrer-Goldstein-Feldman.
10. new orleans - bern elliott & the fenmen

Wow, a great beat punker from 1964, the year of the British invasion. And the flip is on volume 18. They recorded one more 45 that same year "Money/Nobody but me" and then disappeared and maybe they reappeared under a different name.
(London 45 LON 9670 from 1964)
(Ronnex R.1344 from 1965) 3. she's the one - les tÍtes blanches

One of Canada's best beat bands with the fantastic beat punker "She's the one". It was released on the Belgian Ronnex label in 1965. Is it really true that they were also known as Les Hou-Loups?
11. karate - the emperors

These Emperors are not the Texas band that recorded "I want my woman". "Karate" is a very fine organ punker from that magical year of 1966.
(Columbia CF 108 from 1966; in US on Mala)
(Hickory HY42.777 from 1965) 4. everything's alright - the newbeats

With Dean & Marc Mathis who have been recording since the late 50s as Dean & Marc and also as Brothers (remember their great rock 'n' roll song "Lazy Susan"?). I've got hundreds of compilation albums but not a single song by these Newbeats! Maybe too British sounding for the US or too American for the Britons? Anyway, it's a super party stomper, recorded in 1965.
12. everybody's alright - davy junior & guess who

Another Belgian release with a super boogaloo beat stomper from the late 60s. Both songs on this single were written by Erwin & Eric Beyrens and produced by Ronnex boss A. Vano.
(Ronnex R1393)
(Top Hit Club THC517) 5. rhythm and greens - the frogs

The Frogs are a complete mystery to me. Could it be that they were a studio band? On volume 21 I included their version of "House  of the rising sun". Man, do these guys love rhythm and blues or what?! Probably recorded around 1964 and ultra wyld beatpunker as so many recordings from that year.
13. the shim sham - the marvelows

Another fast swinging tune from 1965 about a new dance craze that hasn't found its way to the numerous 60s compilations yet. Johnny Pate is behind this band as he wrote and produced both sides. What's the shim-sham all about? Just listen to this and find out yourself.
(ABC-Paramount 45-10708 from 1965)
(WBS 1603 from 1963; in US on Constellation) 6. uncle willy time - bobby miller

One of the hippest dance crazes of 1963: the Uncle Willy. Bobby Miller released about 5 singles for the Constellation label and at least one of those was also issued on this Belgian label.
14. life's too short - the lafayettes

This 1962 release is the oldest song on this volume but it breathes the same air as the early Silver Beatles (the only difference maybe the sax intermezzo). I believe it was their sole release.
(RCA 47-8044 from 1962)
(Barclay 61782 from 1965) 7. t bird - rocky roberts & the airdales

Another fast r&b dancefloor filler. "Do the thunderbird stomp, you're looking good" and he's right. First on Roulette in 1965 and then on Brunswick Rocky Roberts released several 45s together with The Airedales
15. candy baby - b.j. thomas & the triumphs

And again a wild undiscovered blasting r&b gem from 1966. It's fast and furious, pounding drums, fuzz lead guitar and steady beat to move your feet by.
(Scepter SCE 12129 from 1966)
(Ideal 548 from 1970) 8. i'm in love - r & the r's

A late beat recording (1970) by this Belgian combo I know nothing about. I only know for sure that they released 2 more 45s on that label "Look at me/Travelin' man" and the incredible "Unga Unga". Like so many Belgian releases they were 5 years behind of their time instead of 5 years ahead like The Third Bardo.
16. oh-no - les tÍtes blanches

Twice this Canadian band on this volume and both 45s were released on a Belgian label. Oh, another similarity: both 45s were sung in English. Superb 1966 song and oh-no: this is the end of another great volume of this series.
(Ronnex R1371 from 1966)