"Magic carpet" - 16 exotic tunes from the tipi to the tatami


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Take a magic carpet to the olden days to the mythical land where everybody lays around in the clouds in a happy daze... That's what I was thinking after listening to these brain damaging 45s one sunny afternoon..."

(Parlophone R5064 from 1963) 1. magic carpet - the dakotas

When I was a kid (which I still am), I always dreamed about flying around on a magic carpet and visiting every country on this poor planet earth. I don't know what I was thinking when I first heard this 45 from 1963, but it's a cool guitar instro anyhow.
9. maracaibo - ettore cenci guitar trio

An Italian guitar instrumental with an oriental flavour. If you ever find the time (and money) try and visit Maracaibo. The weather's fine at this time of the year. Ettore Cenci recorded in the late 50s and in the 60s. I'm not sure when this was recorded. The flip is "Una storia".
(Durium 7393)
(Fontana 265 091 TF from 1961; in US on King) 2. ali tomahawk - the tramps

The label reads "Ali Tomawak", but it's always listed as "Ali Tomahawk". I haven't seen the 1961 King release, so maybe it should be Tomawak. Whatever, it's a great b-side of "Maharadja" which can be found on volume 14. It contains wild guitar licks and must be played between "Kana Kapila" and "Kili Watch", two great Cousins tracks with native Indian references.
10. amalia - monte kelly

A gay flute and powerful bongos mixed with strange strings and a guitar virtuoso is all you need to get excited by this 1960 mambo. Is Amalia a girl or a tropical island? Or maybe both?
(Carlton 527 from 1960)
(Federal 45-12353 from 1959) 3. far east cha cha - the turbojets

I didn't know they could do the cha cha cha in China or Japan in 1959, but these guys can! It's party time; from "Chop suey rock" to "Far east cha cha" is but a small step.
11. tototoe - tamouré

Tamouré with Madeleine Moua recorded this 45 with four terrific Polynesian songs, all written by Tihoti Heva. "Papio" and "Paoa" are great, but especially "Te manu pukarua" is fabulous and that's why I picked that one for volume 19.
(Philips 432.859 BE)
(Palette PB 25459 from 1966) 4. chinese lantern feast - jacques ysaye

This is 1966 Chinatown lounge and if that label doesn't exist yet, it should! Both sides of this 45 are instrumentals; I already put the other side on volume 1.
12. martha of the river - orlando armath orquestra

A slow exotic tune with at least a dozen different exotic percussion instruments and with a leading sax. "Dongo" is the A-side, but it's this side that could amaze me. Dim the lights, prepare yourself a daiquiri and lay down on your bamboo couch and float away on that river with Martha...
(Vogue VB 040)
(Ray 10.001) 5. fire island - homer dennison jr.

A Moonglow Records subsidiary and thus there's a Belgian link to this American 45. I will always link Homer Dennison to his super crazy song "Chickie run" which I heard for the first time on the "Psycho serenade" compilation from the Wavy Gravy series. Hot oriental tunes for bedtime stories...
13. tattoo man - the free spirits

...and downstream you might meet the Tattoo Man. This is typical mid-60s pop with a fuzzy guitar and a Sonics-like sax. Then a tattooed person was something special, certainly for a small town, but nowadays you're very special if you never had a tattoo or a piercing. It's from 1966.
(ABC-Paramount 45-10872 from 1966)
(Fast International 1073) 6. civilization bongo bongo bongo - sam & the saxtones

Do you know the Las Vegas Grind track "Kaput"? This is the b-side. It was released in Belgium on the Fast label in the early 60s. It sounds like a freaky Louis Prima who complains about civilization and who wants to stay far away from it.
14. jungle fantasy - esy morales

The world's most unique flutist Esy Morales and his Latin-American Orchestra turn this song into a genuine "Jungle fantasy". The piano tries to break the rhythm of the percussionists. It's like you're in a canoe on a fast but calm river and you see all the beauty of the Amazon trees and birds and you wish that it would never disappear. What a fantasy.
(Rainbow 45-10050)
(MGM K12404 from 1956) 7. congo mombo - dick hyman

Organ, bongos and a wonderful backing band conducted by Dick Hyman. Even the sax doesn't sound cheesy. It's inviting you to spend your summer holiday at the banks of the Congo. Back then in 1956 Congo was still owned by the Belgian crown.
15. so sassy - the turbojets

I couldn't help but put this b-side of "Far east cha cha" on this volume as well. It's a fine 1959 instrumental and may not be forgotten in the trashcan.
(Federal 45-12353 from 1959)
(Yang-Tse FM001) 8. ??? - yoshiko

This is a reissue 45, but I can't find the artist. I used to have both sides on a cassette, but that's years and years ago. So sorry, but I'm sure you're gonna like this one: an oriental girl called Yoshiko seducing you to speak Japanese. The one who reissued this 45 doesn't know any geography. Yang-Tse is a river in China. More at the end of this volume.
16. ??? - geisha cha cha

And we're still in Japan with another oriental cha cha. "Geisha cha cha" and also "Yoshiko" would have been perfect on the two volumes of "Chop Suey Rock" on Hot&Sour Records. Maybe there will be a third volume one day. For more exotica tunes, go to volume 30.
(Yang-Tse FM001)